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     I am Josh Lyford and I am proud to call H & C Land Management an old fashioned family business.  My wife, Michelle, and I began this journey in 2000, shortly after I finished my time in the US Marine Corps.  We both have lived our lives, minus my time in the Corps, in the Adirondacks.  We knew this is where we would raise our family and decided a business based on responsible use of our amazing surroundings would be the best use of our talents. 

     We started in logging; me in the woods, Michelle running the business end.  I had logged for a few years with some of the most experienced loggers in the area.  Their mentorship gave me the knowledge and confidence to break out on my own.  As time passed we have expanded our business to include firewood, excavating, and forestry mulching.  And we feel very fortunate that our children have joined us, Hanna and Carter, are now integral parts of of H & C Land Management.  

     We pride ourselves on superior customer service and satisfaction.  One of us will be on sight daily to ensure plans are being followed to meet our high standards of a job well done.  We have developed strong relationships with the local towns, APA and DEC to ensure your job is done properly.  I am a NYS certified logger and a long standing member of the Empire State Forest Products Association.  We are fully insured and we look to create projects that are both pleasing to the client and environmentally responsible.





Michelle, Hanna, me, and Carter  Living our family motto -

Work Hard, Play Hard

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