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     You know what you want done on your property, great H & C Land Management can help you achieve it.

     Unsure of what can be done on your land?  We can help with that too.  We are happy to to look at your property and provide various options available to you.  We understand that sometimes it is hard to see the project through the trees!

     H & C Land Management has a variety of services to make the most of your property.  A few of the projects we can help you achieve include building roads, doing site work for new construction projects, clearing your wooded area of the undergrowth, harvesting some of your timber, or simply providing you firewood.   

     And we are flexible.  We know that as projects progress your needs may shift.  We can adapt our services quickly to ensure your happiness with the finished product.  

     Below you will find brief descriptions of our services, you can click on the photos to go directly to that page and get more detailed information.   

Services: Services

H & C Land Management Services

Click on any photo or description below to go directly to that service page for more information and additional project photos.

Please call me, Josh, if you have any questions about a project you may be considering.  518-361-1729 
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